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All of our sessions offer something unique! Looking for just a few quick family shots to throw on a holiday card? The Short + Sweet might be right up your alley. Want to take a little more time to let your kids settle into the session and really start to show their personalities? Next chapter sessions are a great session to do annually! And finally, Kindred Stories with Maddie are the option to go with when you really want to tell a fuller story of where you are all at in your lives right now.

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We offer 4-5 Short + Sweet session days per year. We choose the location and the date, you choose the time. 

This 30 minute session is ideal for anyone looking for just a few quick, fun shots. With the short time we have together, we keep the atmosphere centered in on more natural moments, but we also know you want at least 1 "looking at the camera" photo for that holiday card, so we've got you covered there!

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our next 2024 mini session day will be on May 25th!

next chapter sessions

Alana specializes in creating really fun experiences throughout these 60 minute sessions.  We keep things very candid & natural, as we want to capture you and your family having fun with eachother, but we do also make sure to get a few "looking-at-the-camera" shots as well. The length of this session typically provides a lot of opportunity for us to create some of our best work!! The longer we're there with you, the more comfortable everyone starts to feel, and this allows us to capture some more intricate details of your family's dynamic. 

next chapter sessions

These sessions with Maddie can last up to 3 hours, and we fill that time doing things you might all naturally do together on either a normal or special day! This session definitely has a documentary style approach, and is ideal for people who might have routines or traditions that they'd love being captured. So that might mean everyone is going to get ice cream and walk around town together... it might mean staying in, playing a game together, and making silly faces at eachother on the couch... maybe its baking holiday cookies together or some other family tradition! The point of it all is to capture a piece of your real lives together. 

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